Page 14

You choose the left route which takes you to a place full of tanks, maybe for water? As you continue walking you feel like you’re being watched from afar. You see a page on one of the tanks which has the man in the woods on it. You hear a loud bang and look around seeing the man and you hear in your head “You’ll never win” as you close your eyes. You open them as you see yourself back in the same position. You think “3 more until it’s over”. Near the tanks is a small brick building. You try to open the door, but it’s locked so you look around to find another page which had “LEAVE ME ALONE” (ironically) written on it. “What do all of these pages mean?” you think to yourself. “2 more, where to go next” you wonder You end up going…

Back to your friends car (Page 16)

The right route (Page 18

Up the scary hill (Page 19)

Rethink your choice (Page 13) or (Page 12)