Alola! Welcome to the Alola region

Alola! That's Hello and what the region is called. Welcome to a whole new Pokemon experience taking you from island to island but instead of challenging gyms you challenge the Island trials which are very different from what it used to be. As a reward for completing each island trial you get a z-crystal and 1 step closer to the Pokemon league. What's a z-crystal you might ask? Well, it adds a whole new way of battling with super strong moves you use with your partner. This region you can choose one of 3 starters. The Grass-type Rowlet, The Fire-type Litten and the Water-type Popple.
Each of these starters has a secret and the more you train and grow stronger the closer you are to unlocking it. You also will make new friends/rivals like Hau, Lillie, and Gladion and face secret organizations and stop them from doing bad such as team skull. There are 81 newly added Pokemon discovered here now making the count of 802 Pokemon discovered and it's your job to catch them all (if you want). This game has many beautiful 3D models which are definitely an improvement from the previous games Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire. This game will be called Pokemon Sun for the legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Moon for the legendary Pokemon Lunala. Pick your game and see the adventure that awaits you.