My Opinion

As someone who played this as one of their first games, the franchise means a lot to me. I've been a fan ever since and get every game every time one comes out. My first game was Pokemon Ruby version and even though I didn't really know how the game worked I still loved it. It's nice to go back to your childhood to the good old days where everything was so much more simpler and no one judged you for what you liked and you could just be yourself. This game is very relaxing at times with the music and is a great way to just get out of the real world and go to the Pokemon world and just have fun. With every new game that comes out and the more I see the franchise grow the more I just want to play.
The graphics are beautiful and the new features just keep making this game better. Like mega evolutions and z-rings which bring back old favorites and make them more usable in battle and just bring back the good old days. The remakes are also very good to which makes the older games for the older console now usable in new games which are very nice again to go back and remember the good old games by playing the same game that got you started. You are never really too old to play these games because of there for everyone, it's just a casual RPG that everyone can have fun playing because there is a little bit of something for everyone. This game is very fun and although it comes with a few faults like some designs nothing is perfect and is still good just the way it is.

^Creative design: Funfact-Klefki, the Key Ring Pokemon-These key collectors threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them.

Some of the things that were trash were the anime which made many Pokemon overrated like Charizard and greninja which are actually terrible and people like them because they look "cool" even though they aren't even that good. It made them appear good but when you used them they weren't that helpful. It made the main character ash look completely stupid because he would do very stupid things and mistakes to make it "funny" somehow the recent anime made it look better and then they screwed it up by changing many designs and trying to make it funny. Also, the female protagonists look like the beaver from khan academy for some reason maybe because of the teeth.