Public Opinion
Everyone has an opinion on everything such as clothes, movies games and even Pokemon. Many people argue which is better and some people create polls to see the public opinion on starters, generations, etc. For gen 7 people are arguing which is better and put up polls and commented like Nintendo113alt who commented "Rowlet since day one. I'm not a fan of the mid-stage, looks like an emo butler, but the starter is adorable and the final evolution is sick. Plus dat Grass/Ghost combo!" or also Cheskii who said, "Popplio for me, cause sea lions are awesome." Nintendo_always also commented "I don't play Pokemon but the cat is by far the coolest. The final form of the seal looks like someone's 50-year old aunt at karaoke night. Horrid." Everyone loves or dislikes things because we all have opinions whether they are smart or dumb.
Many people also have their opinion on which game to get. Even though the game is basically the same thing since nothing really changes besides some place and the legendaries you get, but people still argue and wonder which Pokemon to get and some people even get both. Commented under the poll is someone called Lexifox who stated: "I'll buy the Sun doo-doo-doo-doo" and was on who said "Buying both. Sun will be my main that will never be restarted and Moon will be for multiple playthroughs." Lucipurr also said that "Moon. I always choose based on the Legendary designs. What's funny is, a number of people I've seen react to the trailer prefer sun to a massive extent over moon, but moon seems to be more popular overall." There are also people who don't care about opinions and think polls are useless like Alpha Dragon who stated "Why do people always feel the need to have such useless f***ing poll options? Smh." Many people have different opinions and even though some are popular than others it's the experience you had that counts most.